“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” – Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV

Are you calling on the TRUE name of God?

Have you ever wondered if you were calling on the true name of The Most High God or Christ? What if you have been calling on the wrong name your entire life? Would it make a difference if you did? Why is it so important to have the true name of The Most High and... read more

Time4Learning is here to stay!

I have always said that if I had children, I would stay at home and school them. Well, 2014-2015 was our very first year of homeschooling and I must say it was a roller coaster. I initially decided to follow the academic calendar of the Birmingham School System, but... read more

Are you committed to the work of The Most High?

For the past few days I have been at a stand still when it concerns my career and what it is The Most High want me to do for the Kingdom. The word “commitment”  was then planted in my mind and I began to meditate on Proverbs 16:3 KJV that reads, Commit thy... read more

The Lord’s Prayer

Shalawam family, I have been reciting the Lord’s Prayer ever since I could remember, but never really thought about what it is I am really saying and how powerful that one prayer really is. All praise to Ahayah, I feel Elder Gabar of Gathering of the Elect, did... read more

Looks of a Hebrew Queen

Shalawam family, I just wanted to share different head wrap styles I have worn in the past and will be adding more to this photo gallery in the near future. Barak atha (Bless You)... read more

Vocabulary Word: Easter

Shabbat Shalawam Ahyam, As you all know, Easter is actually the biggest holiday of the calendar year. Everyone who is everyone attends church and believe they are celebrating the resurrection of Yashaya the Christ. Well, let’s see what the Bible really says... read more

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Shalawam family, Many of you do not know much about me, so I feel I should share 10 Facts about myself: I love to read. I do not have a favorite color. I really love my vegan lifestyle. I have a degree in Network Engineering. I have over 12 years of Accounting... read more

Money Isn’t Everything!

Shalawam family, I have been in the truth for only a few months, but I have learned more within these few months than I have the entire 34-years of my existence. I have so much knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of what The Most High wants from me and for my life. I... read more

Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread 2015

Shalawam, I am so excited about celebrating my very first Passover with my Gathering of Christ Church family next weekend. For as long as I remember, I always thought Easter was about the Yashaya Christ raising up from the dead, but recently learned that was a a lie.... read more

Vocabulary Word: Covet

Shalam brothers and sisters, As you know, I am a follower of the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 and statues given to us from The Most High Ahayah. The word for today is actually used in the commandments given to us and that word is “covet”. Most people never... read more

Scripture: Deuteronomy 13

Shalawam brothers and sisters, I pray that your Monday is going well and you are blessed by The Most High Ahayaha bahasham Yashaya wa Rawach. This morning’s scripture is Deuteronomy 13 (in it’s entirety). This scripture described what was to be done to... read more

Scripture: John 14 and Vocabulary Word: Prince

Shalawam family! I am now rested and ready for a new week! Today’s scripture came from John 14 (in its entirety) and I enjoyed reading the words spoken by Yashaya Christ. Now for everyone that does not believe satan runs this world, Yashaya Christ himself... read more

The Rapture Deception

Shalom brothers and sisters, All of our life we have been taught that all of the “Christians” are going to be taken up in the clouds by Yashaya. Well, I must tell you that you are been DECEIVED! Hollywood, whom is under the control of satan, has even made... read more

Vocabulary Word: Witchcraft

Shalawam brothers and sisters, Today’s vocabulary word is “witchcraft”. Greek definition: G331 (pharmakeia) – medication, pharmacy, magic, sorcery G332 (pharmakeus) – a drug, spell-given potion, a drugist (pharmacist) or poisoner, a... read more

Scripture: Psalm 33

Shalawam everyone, As I prepare for the Sabbath, I would like to share my scripture for today, Psalm 33 KJV (in its entirety). Psalms 33 reminds us of who created this earth and the true power of The Most High. Psalm 33:9 says, “For he spake, and it was done; he... read more

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